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코 비드 19
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IVRA invites experts to work together on COVID-19.

1. We are trying to form a dream team to share opinions with interested scholars around the world for the treatment of COVID-19.

2. We would like to share treatment methods around the world to improve human immunity.

3. We would like to do research on raising the body temperature by using high-frequency waves and research on activation immunity (NK cell) together.

4. We want to create a team to research and treat the upcoming second and third COVID-19.

5. We want to contribute to the extension of human life by sharing the medical technology of world-class scholars.

Humanity has been stuck in the dark tunnel of COVID-19 for the past two years.

To overcome COVID-19, we have implemented a vaccine as a solution, and we are confident and confident that it will succeed.

However, the reality is that COVID-19 has mutated faster than we think and the vaccine is not fulfilling its role.


We now have to find a new alternative. To ensure that everyone can be together as before, the global economy can be revived and free from suffering from the virus, therefore, we are creating the International Virus Research Alliance (IVRA).


IVRA seeks to be at the forefront of ending the global catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic.

IVRA is working with multiple countries to prioritize the results of joint research and information among its members in order to solve the current situation together, and to quickly solve country-specific problems for COVID-19 treatment.


We would like to welcome you into the IVRA family. Your choices will become the cornerstone of ending COVID-19 and the hope of mankind.

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