Chairman's Message

"​We will look at the difficult neighbors around us and walk together."

The International Medical Support Foundation founded to provide medical service to the underprivileged and to share love through various sponsorship activities.

Established with medical professionals, The International Medical Sharing Foundation has provided proper
dissemination of health knowledge and medical supports, based on speciality, and has carried out drug and medical device support business.

The International Medical Sharing Foundation will continue its efforts to make a society with greater satisfaction of everyone, spread out the health values based on high quality of medical service of Korea.


International Medical

Support Foundation

Yoo Seoungmo

Foundation Project

Medical service

Medical service centered on professional medical personnel is carried out in vulnerable areas of domestic and overseas medical care.

Sponsorship activities

Delivery of medicines, health functional foods, or donations to the surrounding underprivileged.

Health Forum

To spread health value, a forum for delivering correct health knowledge and medical device support for health promotion.

Scholarship project

Delivered scholarships to teenagers who miss opportunities or are highly likely to develop due to environmental factors and set an example for others.