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International Conference on Hope for Cancer Treatment

Medical Scholars' Vivid Reviews of Cancer Treatment

Cancer! It's no longer terminally ill.

Presentation of vivid cancer treatment cases by leading cancer treatment authorities,

I hope you find hope in its center.

We respectfully invite cancer patients and their families.

Date      :  April 28-29, 2023

Venue    Maria Hall, The Catholic Univ. of Korea, Seoul St. Mary's Hospital


IVRA(International Virus Research Alliance),

KSTM(Korean Society for Thermal Medicine)

(Participating) Organizations: 

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital Advanced Institute for Radiation Fusion Medical Technology,

Yonsei University Severance Hospital Wonju, Amirang Clinic,

Daejeon University Seoul Oriental Hospital East-west, Cancer Center,

Chihyu Hospital of Korean Medicine, Biosyn Korea Co., Ltd., RED&BLUE Co., Ltd.

Korean Society of Thermal Medicine, Korean Balance Medical Association,

Korean Society of Emergency Medicine, United World Halal Development

Sponsor: AdipoLABs Co., Ltd.


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